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All pets are given first set of shots by vet and given dewormers at 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks old.  all come on contracts including spay/neuter if not already done for limited pets, a 72 hour and 1 year genetic health guarantee, and deposit placement contract. pets papers will be held until proof of being fixed it shown, if not already fixed before leaving.

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PricingWhy Are Bengals So Expensive?

The old saying rings true: "You get what you pay for". The same is true in the case of these unique and special cats. The price of Bengals can vary between $400 - $7,000 USD. You ask why such a large difference? So many factors go into the low and high prices. Especially the breeder and the quality of care they give their cats. If a buyer has stumbled across a kitten mill (God forbid!) or a backyard breeder if they are NOT TICA registered or CFA or another registry, RUN!!), the price will be lower and seem like a dream come true compared to all the other high priced Bengals out there. But under the surface, those poor cats will be fed poor food, not have any proper medical care, not have seen a vet or have any genetic testing done for Pra-b, Pk-def, or HCM which are 3 nasty genetic diseases. 

  1. Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA-b) causes an autosomal recessive blindness in Bengal cats by destroying the cells in the back of the eye that register light. A test of a parent cat can determine if they will sire kittens that may or may not have a chance of carrying the gene that will cause this disease. A bad breeder won't even test their breeding cats, though, and interbreed who knows what with what with consequences they don't care about and an unknowing buyer may end up with an inexpensive kitten that will go blind by it's 2nd birthday.

  2. Pk-def is a genetic condition that impairs the red blood cells’ ability to metabolize, which in turn may cause anemia and other blood-related issues. Symptoms of this anemia can include: severe lethargy, weakness, weight loss, jaundice, and abdominal enlargement. In the long run, it can destroy your Bengal's kidneys.

  3. HCM stands for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. HCM is the thickening of the wall of the left ventricle of the heart, which causes scar tissue. Cats with severe HCM can develop heart failure, die suddenly due to abnormal electrical activity in the left ventricle, or develop a blood clot that will cause sudden onset of paralysis and severe pain of the rear legs. All of these are devastating problems. The scans to test for HCM usually run close to $1000 per Bengal!

Knowing about the expensive tests to discern whether or not a litter of kittens will be born of healthy parents might give a buyer the knowledge they need to understand why Bengals are so pricey.


On top of those tests, Bengals have strict dietary needs. They are obligate carnivores which means they HAVE to eat meat, no exceptions. So yes, they can eat dry kibble...once in awhile! The best food is raw meat! Wet food is ideal to ensure they get the proper moisture in their meals. The proper feeding, nutrition, deworming, vaccines (of which kittens need at least 12 before leaving to go to a new home), and the time spent day in and day out spent on proper socialization all adds up!

A proper and decent breeder will provide a buyer with a deworming/vaccine record with dates of when each treatment was done and what it included. I do supply a medical record for each and every new family of what has been done to your new furbaby.


A spay/neuter contract will be required if the kitten is too young to be altered. In my cattery's case, my vet does not spay or neuter until 16 weeks of age. I do not let kittens leave until 12 weeks of age at the youngest so some buyers paying pet price WILL NEED TO SIGN a spay/neuter contract!

Now that we've covered the minimum care you should expect a good breeder to give your new family member at which point you can expect a price tag to already be over $1200-$1700 for a pet price, the subject comes up of what drives the price even higher? There are so many reasons! Price varies depending on the color of the Bengal, the quality of their appearance, if they are breeder quality or even higher show quality! Their pedigree matters, too. If they have show winners and champions in their bloodlines which mine do. the price tends to skyrocket. Those kittens will likely be kept intact and sold to other breeders only who will continue to keep them in the show ring.

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My Pricing and Deposit info


For a Pet with Spay/Neuter Contract - $200 deposit 

For an Evaluated Intact Breeder Cat - $1000 deposit part of total 

Deposits are expected as soon as you decide you want a specific kitten. A deposit will reserve your kitten as YOURS and no one elses, under any normal circumstances, will change that. If, by some force out of my control, such as accidental death, occurs, the kitten you had reserved will be replaced by a kitten of equal value.


Full Prices:

*All Prices Not Final Pending Evaluations of all Kittens*

Refer to price page 

Complete and full balance is due at time of kitten pickup  and a sales agreement will be needed to be signed at time of pickup or before via email.


Only cash or Paypal (add 3% of total amount for Paypal fees which are the responsibility of the buyer) are acceptable forms of payment.

$200 deposit to hold for pet limited $1000 deposit for full rights show/Breeding rest due at pick up, not refunable on back outs. prices can vary on color and patterns. i also do payment plans also pet financing available if you qualify with the company.

 htts:// ZERO down financing to take your kitten home and make payments back to them

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TRANSPORTATION:  htts://     door to door transport all over the U.S.A
PAYMENT METHOD: htts://   ZERO down financing to take your kitten/puppy home and make payments back to them
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